The First Ever Group Coaching Festival

by Group Coaching HQ

Online, 8-9 October 2024











A dedicated space for coaches from any field to huddle around group coaching.


HUDDLE ‘24 brings together thought leaders, movers and shakers, and researchers to expand the field of group coaching.

The Experience



Connect, learn from, and share your experiences with other coaches.


Elevate your coaching skills by gaining knowledge and tools to grow your confidence.


Understand and harness the forces that influence your business.

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August 31, 2024


Tracks That Meet You Where You're At



Managing the forces that influence your business growth 

  • How do you create a business case for group coaching within a client organization? 
  • How do you avoid the marketing trap? 
  • How do you create value for your members and for yourself? 


The fundamentals of group coaching

  • What do the best group coaches do? 
  • How does cohesion happen in a group? 
  • How do you balance individuals and group needs? 
  • What are your maximum impact tools? 


Deepening the group coaching experience

  • How do you create deep meaningful connections? 
  • How do you cater to all types of learners and thinkers in your groups? 
  • How do you expand your own thinking as a group coach? 
  • What does belonging look like in your group coaching design? 

Meet the Speakers

Maribel Aleman, PCC

Chief Learning Officer, Group Coaching HQ

Dominique Mas, PCC

Chief Exec Officer, Group Coaching HQ 

Marsha Prospere, PCC

Founder, Adept Flow and Instructor, Group Coaching HQ

Mark Guay

Founder, Without Compromise and Instructor, Group Coaching HQ

Gabriel DeRita, PCC

Goal Whisperer, Effective Connection LLC 

Karen Palmer, PCC

Founder/Principal, Karen Palmer Coaching

Mallory Roth, ACC

Head of Coaching & Curriculum, Medley

Cristina Padilla, Ph.D., ACC

Founder, Latina Leadership Lab

Ana Paula Nacif, DCM, PCC

Dr, Quantum Leap Coaching and Consultancy/University of East London

Anu Arora, PCC

Founder and Coach, Infinite Potential Leadership

(Disco) Dave Wynn

Mindset, Leadership & Music Integrated Coach

Rahti Gorfien, PCC

Founder, Creative Calling Coaching, LLC


Check Out Some of the Lineup

Day 1

How Group Coaching Catalyzes Organizational Transformation


Managing the forces that influence your business growth, especially in the context of integrating group coaching into a client organization, involves a multifaceted approach. It requires a deep understanding of both the organization's needs and the unique value that group coaching can provide. Hear from Marsha Prosepere PCC on how to create a compelling business case for group coaching, avoid the common marketing pitfalls, and ensure value creation for both members and yourself.

Infusing Adult Education Practices into Group Coaching



To put it simply - adults learn differently than kids. In our group coaching programs, we need to leverage the power of experiences and knowledge your members have. In this session, Allison will demonstrate how to infuse adult learning theory into your curriculum and delivery so that your clients move the needle forward in their goals.




The Magic of Storytelling for Profound Group Connections


The art of storytelling is as ancient as human culture itself. Skillful use of storytelling is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal as coaches and facilitators. In this session, Gabe will share some best practices and practical exercises he's used in dozens of group settings to create quick, powerful, and lasting connection among group participants with simple storytelling exercises. Together, we'll dive into the power of story to create depth, safety, memorable connection, and tangible learning outcomes. 

Day 2

Ask Me Anything About Building Your Group Coaching Business: An Interactive Q&A


Join Dom and Maribel, the co-founders of Group Coaching HQ, for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. 

This special session is designed to shine a light on how to market and sell group coaching programs, offering a platform for aspiring and experienced coaches alike.
Come prepared with your questions and get ready to write your proposals for group coaching programs!

Trusting in the Resourcefulness of Groups and Delighting in Not Knowing


The temptation for many leaders is to try to 'fix' problems of those around them. Not only does this encourage a culture of dependency, but it can limit the development of others, as well as resulting in the leader's workload becoming unmanageable.

This dynamic can play out in group coaching too, whether from individuals in the group adopting a 'hero' role or even unintentionally from coaches themselves.... More on this huddle's page!


Leveraging AI for Reflection in Coaching Supervision: A Guide for Group Coaches


Group coaching presents unique complexities distinct from individual sessions, highlighting the significance of coaching supervision as an effective approach for ongoing professional development. Coaching Supervision not only bolsters your capacity as a coach but also substantially benefits your group participants. This session explores the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to elevate your reflective practice on your group coaching engagements... More on this huddle's page!


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The First Ever Group Coaching Festival

by Group Coaching HQ


Online, October 8-9 2024